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”According to senior officials, the BMC will be deploying 30 clean-up marshals for every ward to monitor the city and fine those who litter, defecate China PCGI Sandwich Panel Manufacturers and spoil public property. The contact period for the scheme ended in July 2014, after which it was discontinued again.Prakash Patil, deputy municipal commissioner (SWM) said, “We will ask the clean-up agencies to provide a dedicated phone number for citizens so that it becomes easy for them to file their complaints. Taking note of previous allegations of large-scale corruption by marshals, the civic body is also planning to set up a three-tier grievance redressal system in every ward of the city. If the marshals are found guilty during the inquiry held by the grievance redressal cell, legal action would be taken against them.The clean-up marshal scheme, started in 2007 with an aim to keep the city clean, was always embroiled in controversy. Between June 2013 and June 2014, the civic body had collected a fine of around `10 crore from 83,000 offenders for littering, spitting or throwing trash on roads. The civic body had appointed several private agencies, whose marshals were authorised to fine people who litter or spit on the roads or public places.The grievance redressal system will have a representative of the concerned clean-up agency available daily to attend to people’s complaints.

At the final level, the zonal deputy municipal commissioners (DCM) will act as appealing officers, who will hold weekly hearings in these matters..Even as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) readies itself relaunch its Clean-Up Marshal scheme, it will also make available a dedicated phone number for citizens to lodge their complaints about the system. If not satisfied, citizens can pursue the matter with the assistant engineer of the solid waste management (SWM) and assistant commissioner of their respective wards. But the civic body was bombarded with several complaints of corruption, scuffles with people and misconduct by the marshals.Previous SchemeIn the earlier clean-up marshal scheme, the BMC had appointed 720 (30 men per 24 administrative wards) marshals across the city. However, after receiving lot of complaints from citizens with regard to cleanliness, it has been decided that the scheme be revived again.The scheme was terminated in 2011, but following a Bombay high court order, was revived in June 2013.“The clean-up agencies, which will be employing these marshals, will be registered with the police so that they can take quick action against the marshals, who are found guilty in the inquiry,” said Mr Patil.

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